Who are we?

CELCA: Centre de literatures i cultures en anglès focuses on the study of literature in English and, more specifically, the social and cultural discourses within contemporary literature that emerge from the following perspectives: transnationalism and postcolonial literature, ageing studies, gender studies, popular culture and life writing. From a cultural studies framework, the members of the group analyse the narratives (novelistic, poetic, dramatic and cinematic) that have contributed to highlight difference and produce discrimination in contemporary society alongside those counter narratives that advocate for a more equalitarian and sustainable global world in terms of race/cultural identity, age identity, gender and social class. Thus, the research group CELCA aims at expanding the corpus on contemporary literature in English while delineating a specific critical framework wherein an ethics-oriented ontology and epistemology are articulated.

CELCA, SGR-Cat 2021, is made up of the former research groups Grup Dedal-Lit and RATNAKARA.